Monday, 19 May 2008

Some Flowers

......from garden plans to blooms. A damp weekend in the garden... but still plenty photo opportunities .......first the last few blossoms on a cammassia...which, see below it, just 10 days ago were in full bloom .. though the trees, please note , were almost leafless ! Then an evergreen geranium/cranesbill .... whose name I remembered a moment or two ago.... it will return.... and the clump ... this has a grey slightly furry leaf..... and is next to a srping flowering one which competely dies down in summer and so lets sun light through to the bearded Iris rhizomes next a thalictrum tall and airy... then something that came for free in anther plant pot .. name eludes me right now...... Then two of the three honeysuckles in bloom right now and smelling wonderful and the highly scented bright yellow Hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus .. this one grown from self collected seed.. the parent plant is sulking as it got too big for its slot and I moved it.. last year smothered in bloom .. this year.. well, sulking with two flower shoots !! Final shot of this group Paradiseum liliastrum..... a new plant to me.....its been growing on in the greenhouse overwinter ans this is the first bloom ... in the centre is a lacewing gobbling up pink greenfly.. .. more later
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