Thursday, 15 May 2008

Green and White

Right, here we go again and this time I'll try not to delete all the photos and even try to post them in some sort of related order ! I daren't try and remove the strange gaps..... thats how I lost the lot last time !..............and its just happened again... I deleted one space in the text and six photos disappeared , so what is left ? An unusual Astrantia, named Margery or Marion something-or-other..... I do have the name somewhere! Convallaria / Lily of the Valley, which grows like a weed here and smells divine, and one of my favourite Ferns unfurling ....I have a large number, most names forgotten as they've been moved around so often ... but this might be Woodwardia ? All these three plants are either the top or second terrace.. or both. Although the three non-veggie-garden-terraces have different characters I like to link the plants through and repeat them.

1 comment:

Jutta said...

What a wonderful blog!!!!
I'Ve always admired your garden, JT.
The ferns, lily of the valley ... just beautiful.

can't wait to see more of it