Saturday, 17 May 2008

A PLAN - by special request !

I got carried away on the pc with this..........would have been quicker to draw and paint it!..........but good practice at finding how some of the new progs work..... to make sense of it you may need to click and enlarge !! This is the view I get form the house and the balcony I had built over the utility room which I can access from where I type this. I'll start at the very bottom of the garden [at the top of this] post.... the wildlife pond and composting area..... the 3 bins got a bit out of scale !! then 3/4 feet higher up, the veggie garden....under the shade of the huge copper beech on the left as you look ! two seats there. And the old outside earth longer functioning!!! another 3+ feet up and the meadowy bit with Plum trees and greenhouse etc. seating for 4 facing south. Some Bamboos Up again to the 'Pond/oriental/foliage garden ..... often shady and my favourite space. 2 x 2 seater benches here and a 3 foot high wall to the top terrace And at the bottom of the plan is the back of the house..... with big french windows from the living room and a back door from the utility room..... the back gate goes onto the public footpath which runs down alongside the garden - useful on open days ! This terrace is decked on different levels and has two water features and - not counting the steps.... seats for 10 ! The plan is not to proper scale but is roughly right.....each terrace is about 10 metres square thats about 35 x 35 foot ... you could fit my old garden into one of these terraces. When I arrived, just under 6 years ago, the top two terraces were mostly grassed, the lower two covered in black plastic ....... but there were some very good plants dotted about.... and wonderful soil ....from a much earlier owner and keen gardener who did the terracing.. otherwise it would have been a rolling hillside !!!. there are odd bits of ornament, sculpture, statuary etc about the place... which will no doubt all appear here in time. Open Days are the 14th and 15th June 2008 if you fancy a visit ;)


Deb Townsend said...

Fantastic!!!! It's much larger and more wonderful than I imagined. I love the terraces...way too cool.

It looks like the best place to just get lost in and my new dream is to come visit you when it's in full bloom.

Thanks so much for doing this. Now when you tell us what you're up to, I can have a clearer vision. What a master gardener you are!!!

deborah kirby said...

JT, I'd make a trip to England just to visit your garden. I cannot tell you enough how much in awe I am of your green thumb and how envious I am of your little spot on this orb.


Jutta said...

What a big garden.
I love all the different areas you've created. This is definitely a place i would love to be, summer or winter!!!