Thursday, 15 May 2008

Happy Hostas

As you may by now have gathered.. my passion is for foliage not flowers, and much of it evergreen so that the garden is of interest all year round. I have lots of hostas in the ground on the pond terrace..... favourite slug and snail food... but I'm organic !! Many flower and smell delicious in late summer One of many hostas in pots on the top terrace, as yet not savaged !! I must get that copper tape around the pot before it is too late !!


Deb Townsend said...

I love hostas! Saw a gorgeous hosta garden one time with many varities.

What size is this beautiful piece of paradise? So much fun seeing all these wonderful pics each day. I'll surely be snagging some for paintings!

Ruth S Harris said...

No update since yesterday? What have you been doing? LOL!

jaytee said...

:lol: yesterday I was making the plan for Deb and others who, unlike you Ruth, cant pop over and see it in person !!!

Normal photographic service will soon be resumed !

After 3 days of rain who knows what's happened out there.. off with my camera to look !