Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mellow Yellow...

After all that purple the artist in me needed a complementary colour !! Though it does remind me of a garden I visited when studying for my garden design diploma ... a much publicised small garden which was stuffed FULL of yellow and purple foliage and flowers..... hardly any green or white to counterbalance......I found it quite sickly and have been careful to limit both since then..... ...... but these are now both blooming..... Tree Peaony Ludlowii (bought it when I first moved here in 2002 'cos Ludlow was just up the road.... though I dont think that has Anything to do with it !) and the scented azalea.... name forgotten.. Both have been moved around ENDLESS times..... and even the tree peaony doesnt seen to resent it .... suprisingly ...... The do work quite well with the golden bamboo stems at this time of year.. ..I have about 17 different varieties of bamboo scattered about all four terrace levels !!!

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