Sunday, 25 April 2010

Spring fever again !

The past week the sunshine has drawn me inevitably into the garden..... and the annual ritual of plant moving has absorbed me........however enough of them stayed in the same place for me to take photos that weren't just bare earth ....... helped by a few friends... and the newly arrived next door neighbours ... far too many pics to label them all..... ask if   you are curious !

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Back again - With SNOW !

Thanks to the new photo uploading system I have decided to return and extend the territory..... so not just garden photos

starting with today's ...

snow now min 6 inches deep   .. Malty and Shrimp braving it but uncertain. Priscila viewing it  .....[Alfie asleep in an armchair]

more from the landing window .. or braving the churchyard


while back in the garden.....  a snow shaking session for bamboos and evergreens

One of many Bamboos before and after shaking .. or rather bashing with a broomhandle !

The veggie garden... no parsnips today -  IF I could find them !