Sunday, 25 April 2010

Spring fever again !

The past week the sunshine has drawn me inevitably into the garden..... and the annual ritual of plant moving has absorbed me........however enough of them stayed in the same place for me to take photos that weren't just bare earth ....... helped by a few friends... and the newly arrived next door neighbours ... far too many pics to label them all..... ask if   you are curious !


mollie jones said...

Wow, JT...your gardens are lovely...and so many! Why is it we gardeners don't know when to quit! Your primroses are so pretty and it's too hot here in Texas for them to thrive much after you get them home from the nursery. So, I don't plant them. Did especially love that little wood violet...they smell so sweetly. Take some Ibuprophen and get back out there! Ha!

jaytee said...

:lol: Mollie.. a stiff knee didnt stop me - I did stanfing up jobs- Meetings do :( perhaps you could hitch a lift in Regina's suitcase ??