Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Back again - With SNOW !

Thanks to the new photo uploading system I have decided to return and extend the territory..... so not just garden photos

starting with today's ...

snow now min 6 inches deep   .. Malty and Shrimp braving it but uncertain. Priscila viewing it  .....[Alfie asleep in an armchair]

more from the landing window .. or braving the churchyard


while back in the garden.....  a snow shaking session for bamboos and evergreens

One of many Bamboos before and after shaking .. or rather bashing with a broomhandle !

The veggie garden... no parsnips today -  IF I could find them !

1 comment:

Sharon Williamson said...

Lovely pics Jaytee, and I'm especially jealous of your bullfinches!